Custom RPG Models

Would you like your very own custom RPG miniature? Well you're in luck! We are currently a merchant with Eldritch Foundry!

How does it work?

Easy, start with the window below, and you select from the many options of races, clothing, weapons and more to build your own personalized mini! There is a large selection that you can choose from. After creating your miniature, you will then click on the share button in the mini builder window, copy the link and submit it to the form below. 


What is it made with?

We use 3D Resin Solutions Hero Resin. This high quality tough resin allows for some flexibility and minor impact resistance!

I made my mini what's next?

Once we receive the link to your mini, we will contact you with an invoice, once the mini is paid for and a shipping address is provided, we will start printing your mini!



When you are done editing your model click on the share button, write down the last digits of the link after /load_config= in the form submission