Custom RPG Models

Would you like your very own custom RPG miniature? Well you're in luck! We are currently in a beta program with Desktop Hero that will allow us to print and sell custom models

How does it work?

Easy, you click on the link below, and you select from the many options of races, clothing, weapons and more! There is a large selection that you can choose from. After creating your miniature, you will then be asked what kind of material you would like it be made of.


What kinds of material can it be made of?

We use 2 kinds of materials you can choose from. You can either have your models printed in PLA or Resin. 


Whats the difference between PLA and Resin?

PLA is a thermal plastic, and  is a more durable material. However, because of the nature of FDM printers, you will loose out on some small details and may have visible layer lines on the model.


Resin is printed from our SLA printers. While you get amazing detail, the models are a slightly brittle. You would have to handle these models with care!

What do you mean by "beta program"

Desktop Hero is a new site, and as so they are currently working on improving user interface, and are still adding assets that can be used to further customize your model! The more people that buy from vendors like us, the more Desktop Hero can improve their user interface and experience!

If you would like to start building your own custom RPG model click on the link below to get started!